SQLUndercover Inspector Build: 1.3
Report date: 14 Jan 2019 20:40

Server Summary:

Warnings Present -

[SQL01] [SQL02]

Warning Conditions:

SQL01 - has (1) Drive Space warnings

SQL01 - has (2) AG Warnings

SQL01 - has (1) Suspect page warnings

SQL01 - has (1) Failed Job warnings

SQL01 - has (9) Database Backup issues

SQL02 - has (1) AG Warnings

SQL02 - has (9) Database Backup issues

Database Growth - (2) Database Growth events found which equal or exceed your Max Threshold of 10 Growths per 24hrs

Advisory Conditions:

SQL01 - has (3) Databases not joined to an Availability group

SQL01 - has (2) Agent jobs where the Owner is not sa

SQL01 - has (1) Cost Threshold for parallelism, MAXDOP or Max Server memory set to default values

SQL01 - SQL Minor Version changed from [1000] to [3006]

SQL01 - SQL Edition Changed from [Developer Edition (64-bit)] to [Standard Edition (64-bit)]

SQL02 - has (1) Drive Space warnings where remaining space is below 15% remaining

SQL02 - has (4) Databases not joined to an Availability group

SQL02 - has (1) Transactions that exceed 300 seconds duration

SQL02 - has (3) Cost Threshold for parallelism, MAXDOP or Max Server memory set to default values

Database Growth - (1) Database Growth events found which exceed your acceptable threshold of 1 Growth/s per 24hrs

Informational conditions:

SQL02 - has (1) Failed Login warnings

SQL02 - has (1) Unused secondary log shipping configs present

Server [SQL01]

Instance start: 13 Jan 2019 18:42 (Uptime: 1 Days)
Instance Version/Edition: 14.0.1000.169 - Developer Edition (64-bit)
Physical Servername: SQL01

ModuleConfig used: Default
Disabled Modules: None

Drive space Report (Using Median based Calculation):
Server name Drive Total GB Available GB % Free Est.Daily Growth GB Days Until Disk Full Days Recorded Usage Trend Usage Trend AVG GB
SQL01C:\59.5141.4369.620.00N/A31 [Sunday 0.03 GB], [Saturday 0.04 GB], [Thursday 0 GB], [Wednesday 0.14 GB], [Saturday 0.00 GB]0.04
SQL01E:\119.877.135.950.4017.8331 [Sunday 0.26 GB], [Saturday 0.05 GB], [Friday 0.35 GB], [Thursday 0.00 GB], [Wednesday 0.00 GB]0.13

Yellow Highlight - Drive remaining percent below 15%
Red Highlight - Estimated days remaining until drive is full, is below 56 Days

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Availability Group Health Check
Server name AG name State Replica Server Name Suspended Suspend Reason

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Suspect Pages Check
Server name Database name File ID Page ID Event type Error count Last update
SQL01CorruptionChallenge12441211 Jan 2019 19:00

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Databases not joined to an Availability group
Server name Last Checked Database name
SQL0114 Jan 2019 20:40DBA
SQL0114 Jan 2019 20:40Minion
SQL0114 Jan 2019 20:40SQLUndercover

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Transactions that exceed the threshold of 300 seconds
Server name Session id Transaction begin time Duration (DDHHMMSS) Transaction state Session state Login name Host name Program name Database name
SQL01No Long running transactionsN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/AN/A

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Database Count by State
Server name Database state Total Database names

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Failed Agent Jobs in the last 24hrs
Server name Log Date Job name Last Step Failed Last Failed Date Last Error
SQL0114 Jan 2019 20:40MinionReindex-AUTO114 Jan 2019 20:00Executed as user: SQLUNDERCOVER\SQL01Service. The target database, 'SyncDatabase1', is participating in an availability group and is currently not accessible for queries. Either data movement is suspended or the availability replica is not enabled fo...

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Failed Login Attempts in the last 24hrs
Server name Username Attempts Last Failed Attempt Last Error
SQL01No Failed Logins presentN/AN/AN/A

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Agent Jobs where the owner is not sa